Auto Advance, Play/Pause Toggle, and Passing Variables - Can't we all just get along?

brettrad Community Member Posts: 2
Here's the situation:

- I have an .swf playing on a Lectora page of a course.

- I have an action attached to the .swf that will advance Lectora to the next page once my .swf is done playing.

- I need a play/pause toggle controlling the .swf (in case the user wants to step away, or gets a phone call, etc.)

Here's the problem

- Once the user pauses the .swf, the paused .swf seems to appear complete to Lectora which triggers the auto advance action and advances to the next Lectora page!

Obviously, that is not the functionality you'd expect with a Pause button...

I've tried controlling the play/pause from within Flash and also from within Lectora. In both cases, Lectora seems to recognise that the movie is paused and has interpreted this as "complete."

Help me Obiwan!

If this is a known issue with Lectora, I can add a condition to the auto-advance that it would only advance once Flash has passed Lectora a variable (something that would happen once the Flash movie reaches a particular frame). But alas, I am having trouble getting Lectora to receive this variable information from my Flash file.

Does anyone know how to pass a variable from Flash to Lectora? It can be as simple as a number...