Camtasia 8 generated m4v or mpeg4 or mp4 videos not running

sholderman Community Member Posts: 19
I get the message "Video not found or access denied (name of video here)" when trying to play a simple video.

Some of you are probably aware that Camtasia 7 had an option for .flv (flash video) which worked great with Lectora Inspire. But when we recently purchased several licenses of Camtasia, we obviously had to go with Camtasia 8 which does not output flv videos, but only mp4 (which is the same thing as mpeg4 or m4v I'm told).

So is it I need to upgrade my server so run videos? Or install JW Player? Our server is currently running "Windows Server 2008 r2".

Or if you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know and thank you in advance for your efforts.