Multiple Test Programming Help. Please!

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I'm learning how to program Lectora on the fly and have come across something that has stumped me. I have a title with 7 chapters. Each chapter has a series of questions within i.e. 7 tests. The results of these 7 tests need to be submitted to a LMS as an average score, as in 1 result submission. I need the test results page to show results for each test on one results page. I'm not sure how to go about programming the 'tests' for these questions. Can I create 7 separate tests and have the results for each test combined into one, or do I need to add stand alone questions in each chapter and create a dummy test with dummy questions associated to each stand alone question.

I've watched a couple of webinars on the Lectora website and 'think' I understand the best way is the stand alone question option but would greatly appreciate any help before I start programming in case I'm completely off track.

Any help greatly appreciated.... David...


  • contrast
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    This question is two fold.

    First, I have a similar situation to the question that started this thread. The major difference is that I want to turn tests "on" or "off" due to the performance of the person earlier in the course. For instance, a course reader would take a 5 question quiz for each section. If they get 100% on the first section, 40% on the second, 80% on the third, 60% on the fourth, and 100% on the third, then the final 50 question test would vary and become a 34 question test (5 questions from section 1, 10 questions from section 2, 6 questions from section 2, 8 questions from section 4, and 5 questions from section 5). Separating a test into sections and varying the movement through the test with actions results in the test thinking that questions weren't answered and scores it lower. Setting up multiple tests and varying which tests get shown is ok, but I am not sure how to combine results of 'specific' tests. This brings me to part two of my question.

    What language is used in the Modify Variable Value box. I am somewhat familiar with a few different languages, but cannot find any definite information on what code is used.

    Any help in either of these matters will be greatly appreciated!

  • benpitman
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    Each test has its own variable - the test name followed by _Score. Open the Variable Manager and look on the Reserved tab.

    You can create your own score by combining the scores using Modify Variable Actions and use the same conditions that determine if they had to do the test or not. W/o more, I cannot give you specifics but start by setting AICC_Lesson_Score to 0 and then add the scores. Count the number of tests and divide by that?

    And as to the language, from all I have seen it is JavaScript.