One source file for multiple quizzes

cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
How can I deal with the navigation if a big library of questions will be used in 3 different quizzes?

A. question 1 to 40 - for quiz 1 but questions 1 to 20 will be used for quiz 3

B. question 41 to 80 - for quiz 2 but question 61 to 80 will be used for quiz 3

C. question 81 to 100 - for all 3 quizzes

So quiz 1 uses A and C, quiz 2 uses B and C, quiz 3 uses 1st half of A, 2nd half of B, and C. Each quiz needs to have random select 50 out of 60 questions.

I can break each part into quiz sections, identify the quiz by AICC course ID, but are not sure about the navigation between quiz sections, and quiz numbering (question a of b at the top)?

Thanks for any suggestions,