Text wrapping at different places depending on browser and/or device

georgiegreg Community Member Posts: 16
We have noticed for some time that our Lectora-produced content sometimes displays differently in Firefox on a Mac than it does in either FF or IE on a PC. It seems that some browsers display the text just slightly bigger (wider) than others, which at times causes the text to wrap in different places depending on which browser one is using. This causes a problem when on occasion the wrapping extends beyond the number of lines we allowed for the text box to display in the Lectora editing environment. If there are no objects below the offending text box, it's fine, but when there is a question object below it, the text wraps on top of the object below because all objects in Lectora are absolute positioned on the page and won't reflow vertically.

We've been able to manage this complication by looking out for the issues in FF on a Mac and fixing them manually, but we're now getting pressure to support more browsers and to support the courses on tablets, and I'm seeing even more variance in the way that the text displays across all these devices and browsers. It could become a nightmare to try to ensure a consistent look / layout to all users.

Is anyone else experiencing these pains? Have you found any solutions or preventative measures that help? (Turning all the text boxes into images is not a viable option for us.) Does anyone think that Lectora will ever evolve to be able to publish reflowable content?