Problems in ReviewLink after using translation tool

davidcm Community Member Posts: 22 ♪ Opening Act ♪
I uploaded a title to ReviewLink after importing Spanish text from an RTF file using the translation tool. The upload went fine but the title couldn't be used in ReviewLink - only a single text box from the first screen appeared and it wouldn't navigate to any other screens in the title. The error icon (title was viewed in IE9) indicated a number of errors in the title (syntax error - trivantis.js line 1, trivantis-timedate.js line 1, trivantis-cookie.js line 1, trivantis-image.js line 1, trivantis-inline.js line 1, and numerous "is" is undefined index.html). There wasn't a problem in ReviewLink with the original title in English, or with a title into which the English text was re-imported via the translation tool, so the issue appears to come from the translated RTF file.

I opened the RTF file in Word and noticed the Track Changes function was turned on. A compare document with the original RTF file (the English text) showed a number of formatting changes, including to the "Do not edit this line" string. (Maybe that should have been translated into Spanish). Re-saving the RTF file in WordPad didn't solve the problem.

Other translated titles have performed fine in ReviewLink.

Any ideas for a quick fix, or do the translators have some explaining to do?