Passing lectora variables to Javascript function

sman2012 Community Member Posts: 5

I have a Javascript function sitting in an external Lectora object (type: header scripting) that I call by modifying a Lectora variables to the function's name, i.e. On Mouse click set contents to value Javascipt:FunctionName().

The problem is that I have to send several strings as arguments to that function, two of which are dynamically generated in Lectora. When I call the function as, say, Javascript:FunctionName('string1', 'Var(lectora variable)') the variable value isn't sent - it just gets sent as a string, 'Var(lectora variable).

When I call it as Javascript:FunctionName('string1', Var(lectoravariable)) the function doesn't work.

Is it possible to pass lectora variables to a function in this manner, and if so, what am I doing wrong?