Flash - Lectora Communication failure in IE using default Lectora options

deemer Community Member Posts: 5
Hey guys.

I've put together a course that uses flash to play flvs and then overlays them with review questions about the movie. All of that is working fine, I just mention it for context. The problem comes when I need Flash and Lecotra's javascript functions to trigger each other.

You can see it here: http://thedeemer.com/Lockheed/html/

The problem specifically is that this does not work in any version of Internet Explorer, while it does work in other modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome). Which is bad, because the client will only accept IE compatibility. IE9's debug console (F12) is throwing these errors at me:


SCRIPT5007: Unable to set value of the property 'goToPreviousScreen': object is null or undefined
a001_intro_intro_movie.html, line 1 character 1



SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'setScenarioIndex'
a001_intro_intro_movie.html, line 383 character 3

My prior hours of research turn me to this page frequently:


in which it recommends using document.whatever versus window.whatever, but it looks like Trivantis' js files already have that covered. So I'm stumped. This is all put together with Lectora's built in actions to call Flash Functions; I'm not using any external js libraries or the like.

I even threw together a quick test flash file, just to check that none of the other stuff in the project was causing the issue. All it does is send a string to the swf, which then displays it in a text field: http://thedeemer.com/flashTest/

Anybody have any advice?