MultiLingual - Kannada language

deepak-chaudhari Community Member Posts: 20

I’m currently using the Lectora Inspire tool for translating an English course we created into various languages.

We have been able to do this in most languages with excellent results.

However we’ve hit a roadblock with an Indian language called Kannada.

This language has some subscripted characters attached to the main characters.

However when I import them from the RTF file or even copy paste it, these characters are not rendered properly. Often garbage characters are introduced. I've also tried using "Use Strict RTF" while importing but to no avail.

They appear as expected in the RTF. But upon import something goes wrong. Lectora is not rendering the font as it is even in the Editor screen.

The font used for this language is Tunga.

I’m attaching a sample RTF of the language. I’ve highlighted some characters in green which cause problems.

The pattern I found out was it was mainly with the characters which had subscripts in them. For testing you may copy these words into any lectora title to see the results.

It would be of great help If anyone could suggest a possible workaround or solution.