Issue with inserting an Articulate Storyline file into Lectora

merceg Community Member Posts: 107 ♪ Opening Act ♪
I am currently testing Articulate to see about adding it to our aresnal of designing tools and was trying to insert the file I created into a Lectora title. I followed the instructions I found on here, as well as on the internet with moving the _content files from the Articulate file and the SWF to the images folder after I publish my Lectora title, but I am still getting an error that says, "ERROR: Could not load the file 'abe_content/data.swf' and then I get just the loading circle going round and round. I have triple checked my files are all there and that everything is named correctly.

Anyone have any idea on what could be wrong? I am publishing the Lectora course to HTML and I moved the Articulate file's HTML file over into the images file as well as the entire abc_contents folder and it still gives the same error. Not sure what else to try at this point because I have done everything the instructions say to do.

thank you for any assistance you can provide!

I am using Lectora X.6, publishing to IE6 and IE9. windows XP and windows 7 respectively. won't work in either setup.