Android OS and text scrolling issue

atrzebunia Community Member Posts: 2
I've published a course to HTML for use in mobile browsers on iOS and Android OS devices. The course includes a test so that I can randomize the page to which I want to go on click of a button. I also have a text object with a scrollbar in the course. The course and all of its objects behave as expected on iOS devices, but on Android OS devices, the following issues come up:

1) Since I have a Test in the course, the "Include Title Manager Frame" checkbox is checked by default and cannot be changed when publishing. This means that the Title Manager Frame (window) launches the course in another window. In Android OS devices the course pages do not scroll at all when swiping up/down. When I remove the Test from the course and republish, there is not Title Manager Frame (window) and the all pages scroll just fine.

2) The text object with the scroll bar does not work in any publish configuration on Android devices.

Is there javascript code that I can use or any other solution to fix the issues above for Android OS devices?