On Mouse Enter/Exit over Text

ahwalek Community Member Posts: 38 ♪ Opening Act ♪

I've been working on a project the last couple days and noticed something strange and was hoping you friendly folks could help out.

I have text labels placed over a graphic. I want to have a text box become visible when the text is rolled over. What's weird is I've got that working on the last three pages I've created yet now when I look at my options when I add an action to the text box I don't see the MouseOver or MouseExit commands.

If I try to copy and paste one of the ones that's working it doesn't work either, and automatically switches to On Hide>Show.

I know I can add transparent boxes over the text boxes to add that functionality, but I've had it working previously and I'm stumped why I can't do it any longer.

Any ideas?


Tony H