variable madness

mr_iceland Community Member Posts: 5
Hi all, I have attached a simple click and match widget with associated images. The basic functionality works fine.

As soon as you match items a little number appears next to a person and the correctly matched learning style on the right changes colour. When all four have been matched you get the option of clicking conclusion. Click conclusion and you have a close button. Inbetween there are simple instructions and feedback.

The part I cannot seem to get right is adding unique feed back to each person.

For example:

Mei is a 'reflector' type learner

If I click on any learning type other that 'reflector' I should get feedback with 'Mei' in it.

I have created all the feedback fields for each of the 4 learner types with a close button. The feedback fields and close button are in groups called: mei_wrong, alisha_wrong, raj_wrong and sid_wrong.

The variables: clck_mtch_pair1, ..2, ..3 and ..4 are part of the original functionality and work.

The variables 1clicked, 2clicked, 3clicked and 4clicked are what I further added in my attempt to get the unique feedback part to work.

If anyone cares to have a go I'm sure you might also learn from the part that does work as written in the first pragraph above.

Any help appreciated.

cheers Ernie