SWF problems when packaged to SCORM in Lectora

alans Community Member Posts: 1
Hi All,

Hoping someone can help us! We are using SWF files (created in-house) for the first time in our eLearning packages and are having a massive problem when trying to publish them to LMS.

When the content loads the SWF appears as a blank box with an icon top left (like a broken image link but different icon), the user is then either prompted to install flash (or install auto starts) despite flash being installed on the machine (and server for LMS). If the installer is closed then the SWFs play quite happily with all the interactive features working fine.

This only happens in IE, it plays fine in firefox, we have tried in on the LMS (Saba 5.5.1) ScormCloud and an offline scorm player - all the same, even on different PCs (on and off network).

Content plays fine as HTML (with long load times) and behaves if published as .exe, only happens when exported as SCORM 1.2 content.

Lectora support have been no help whatsoever so hoping the community here is!!