Video Playback on iOS Devices

skendall Community Member Posts: 8
We're working on a module that is basically a video the user needs to watch. When finished watching the video they need to navigate to the next page that gives them credit for completing the module and gives them instructions that they're finished and to click the 'exit' button to close the course.

This works fine if we use a .flv or .f4v file on a desktop or laptop computer. I put an action that on "Done Playing" to show the next button.

But, the client would like these videos to play back on an iOS device. So, we need to use a different video format, such as an H.264 mp4 file. The problem is that the "Done Playing" action doesn't work with this video format.

Is there a way to trigger an event when using a video format other than .flv or .f4v?