How do you process multiple FITB questions?

jevans Community Member Posts: 1
I am creating a 'practice' page to reinforce how to properly log on to a database tool.

To correctly log on the user must enter the correct User Name (FITB Question #1) and Password (FITB Question #2), and then click the button.

I created the 2 FITB Questions mentioned above and specified the correct answers for each.

I established actions associated with the 'On Click' of the button that would:

1.) Process all questions on the page

2.) SHOW text indicating a correct answer, on the condition that both FITB questions were answered correctly,

ELSE - show text indicating that their answer was incorrect

3.) Reset the Questions

I thought this should work, but even when I enter the correct answers for the FITB questions - I get the text saying that my answer was incorrect.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get this to work??
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