Is there a way to randomise the order in which Test Sections are displayed?

sprockets Community Member Posts: 31
I have an assessment where each Test Section holds questions that are almost duplicates of each other – Each test Section focuses on a single Learning Objective or Sub-Objective. Within a Test Section, sometimes the question is the same and the responses are in a different order or sometimes the question parameters are changed. To ensure that that all learning objective are covered in the test I only need to ask one random question from each Test Section.

I obviously have a lot of Test Sections.

I would like those Test Sections to be displayed in a random order too. If they are displayed in the order that they are arranged in the file then the questions follow a static ordering of learning objectives: LO1 then LO2 then LO3 etc. which in a way primes the learner’s recall – which I don’t want to do.

I tried using the Test level randomisation set select the same number Questions as there are Test Sections but it selects “pages” not Test Sections – and will often select two pages from a single pool. The Test Section limitation does not appear to be adhered to by the Test level randomisation. This leaves me with one LO be tested twice and another LO not tested at all – which is invalid.

Is there a way to have the selection of the Test Sections randomised or am I stuck with manually scrambling the order of the Test Sections in the source file?