Issues retaining variable values between sessions on Macs???

gamecockfan Community Member Posts: 2 ♪ Opening Act ♪
So, we have deployed several courses that work fine in a Windows environment, however when a learner uses a Mac to view the courses, we are encountering a couple of problems -- the first problem is that variables we have for capturing learner progress are not retained (the completion status page will not show that a section has been completed if the learner finishes it, exits the course and then restarts the course. The second problem is that when a learner exits the course and then comes back into it, it takes them to the beginning of the course regardless of where they were. The last problem is that the page counter will display page x out of y (this last problem does not occur all the time) rather than the actual page numbers. We have very limited experience in the Mac world and would appreciate any tips or feedback.