Test not completing properly when on LMS?

I am having problems with a course we published to SCORM and uploaded to our LMS. There is a test within the course that has 2 sections. The 1st section has 1 question that should always be answered and the 2nd section contains about 8 questions that I have asked to randomly select 4 from. So the user is asked 5 questions in total and has a pass mark of 80% (4 out of 5).

If the user passes the course, they are taken to a page where the variable lesson status is changed to completed. This then moves from their current learning to completed learning. If they fail they are taken to a different page.

For people who get 100% they are taken to the 'passed' page and when they exit the course moves to completed learning.

The issue we are having lies with those people who have 80% (so who should pass). All people who have passed the test are directed to the 'passed' page, however some people are then being told that they have failed the course in the pop up window that appears. For these people the course is remaining in their current learning. If they then go back in and return to the last visited page, the course completes properly and then moves to completed learning. It all seems very random as this doesn't happen for all people who get 80%

Apologies for the long post - it has been a very long day of trying to fix this! We are using Version 10 of Lectora and seem to have had more issues like this compared to when we were using earlier versions...


  • parahandy
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    I am using Lectora Inspire v11 for the first time since the upgrade. My course has a single test question to confirm understanding but the course never shows complete. I have been advised by Travantis to add an action to the las page with the target AICC_Lesson_Status, Set Equal To completed but this still does not mark as complete on the LMS (Skillport). I am publishing in SCORM 1.2

    Help Please driving me mad.