Lectora re-naming files on SCORM publish

I have several language versions of a course developed in Lectora, and have the problem that SOME of them change the file names published for SCORM vs. the file names published for HTML.

This is a HUGE problem for us because we are using a flash menu to navigate and the XML driving the menu would need to be updated to reflect the file name changes... possible but a drain on time and resources.
  • I have already added the gradable object to all courses, so the HTML files have the a00_ added to the file names.
  • My English, German, and Dutch versions maintain the a00_fileName.html when published to SCORM
  • My Romance and Asian Language versions rename files to page#.html when published to SCORM
  • The Romance and Asian Language versions have several publish options checked but greyed out (can not uncheck) that may cause this renaming (Include the Title Manager Frame, Convert accented characters in page names to ASCII, Generate short ASCII HTML pagenames)

Anyone know how to turn off this name changing?