Lasso Quiz Items for Quick Placement Control

cobalt-corsair Community Member Posts: 11
You can quickly move all of the items in a quiz (question/stem and responses) by "lassoing" the desired items.

After creating the item and moving all of the elements (they're already grouped) to approximately where you want them, start way outside of the text area of your quiz items (i.e., lower right, below last item), click and hold the mouse button while you drag completely around your desired items (you'll see a green box develop as you move your mouse, indicating what you're grabbing). Release the mouse and all items are now grouped and can be moved as a group. If one or more elements are left out of your group, it means that you haven't moved your mouse beyond the right boundary of that item's text box.

Combined with a guide for rough placement, and keyboard arrows for one-pixel movement, it's quick and easy. For fine positioning of quiz items just after you've created the item, it's a real time saver.