JAWS screen reader issues...

nicole Community Member Posts: 8
When testing my title with JAWS I am running into many problems. I'm using JAWS13 with IE9 and getting very frustrated.

1. The screen reader will read images I have an empty ALT tag for. This is happening on an image I made into a button with a hover. I have it selected so it's not visible to a screen reader but it's still picked up. Can I not use a hover effect? Is this causing the issue?

2. For no apparent reason, the screen reader will start reading from the second or third paragraph in the same text box or start reading from a third text box even though I have my title set up in the correct reading order.

3. On questions, the screen reader repeats the question text and will not read the labeled MC choices.

I have my pages set up exactly the same way/order with skip to content etc. so I do not understand why each page is being read differently. Sometimes it reads correctly for a few pages and then seems to flip out. :(