Disabling the question after answering

hershey Community Member Posts: 4
Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find out if you can disable the distractors after a Learner has made a selection on a assessment.

I have a Check Answer Button, that the Learner Clicks to get feedback. I want to make sure after the Check Answer Button is selected, the Learner is unable to change their answer.

Is it possible in Lectora?




  • ghost
    ghost Community Member Posts: 4
    There IS another way to disable the question using javascript! How I use it with my course is by creating an action of "Go to Web" with the address set to "javascript:disableTrueFalse()" and open in "Existing Window". You could assign this action to your Check Answer Button.

    The Lectora provided javascript functions I use for the two types of questions used throughout my course are:

    disableTrueFalse(), enableTrueFalse()

    disableMultipleChoice(), enableMultipleChoice() [These also work with Multi-Select questions]

    The other trick when using this method is that you need set the attempts. Edit the question, select the Attempts tab and click the SetMaximum Allowed Attempts checkbox. Set the Maximum Attempts Allowed to 1, set Count Attempts to Immediately.

    That's it!
  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Why bother? Lectora 11 has this built in if you use Max Attempts.
  • ghost
    ghost Community Member Posts: 4
    The reason why I use the disableXXX() functions is because I want to disable the question after each attempt to answer is made, to force the user to read my feedback in my custom feedback widget and have them click a "try again" button. Using the plain built-in max attempts functionality for a question will not disable the question in between attempts, it will only get disabled once the max attempts has been reached. I have to then manage the attempts with my own logic but that's not hard so it's a small price to pay.
  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    I am pretty sure setting Max Attempts to 1 would disable it. You would still have to run some kind of action group to provide the proper feedback.

    For retries, Reset Question should do it.