Sharing Lectora course files

coyenator Community Member Posts: 1
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Lectora but I couldn't find this question addressed anywhere. I'm working with a colleague in another state and we need to share a Lectora course file. She will be inputting course content and so will I. I hold the master file. I'd like to send it to her to enter her portion of the content and then she send it back to me to integrate.

We've had zero success in doing this via email, YouSendIt or dropbox. I've zipped the files and sent them using each of these methods but she either can't open the file or when she gets it open only a few pages of the course show up? Needless to say we're frustrated and need some help.

Does anyone else here do this kind of file sharing? Any advice or hints or things to try? All ideas are most welcome.