How to use ToC object for building Customer data??

lector2012 Community Member Posts: 5
My goal is to build an .exe application which consists of list of Manufacturers of various categories.

These Categories may have sub-categories. If I were to select/click each category, it should list all the names of companies. And finally, upon clicking the company name, should display its Address/Contact details on the Right side

Lectora Version I have is: 2010 Enterprise Edition vX.6 (8458)

Please see the inserted pic/image sample below.


I inserted the ToC objects & was able to make left-side (ChapterA, ChapterB.. & their sub-chapters)

I want to do the following:

(1) User Clicks on ChapterA--> all sub-chapters get displayed automatically in list.

[This works fine]

(2) Now, as shown in the attached pic, User clicks on leaf-level sub-chapter (in this case ChapterAart3)

This automatically should populate & display All items in it. In this case, Item1 ... Item7

(3) User then goes further & clicks "Item3" --> This automatically populates window on right-side with its details

How can I achieve this?