Screen Reader Reads Questions Multiple times

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I have Multiple choice question page. Screen Reader reads page properly in correct order for first time. but once all content is over, it reads Question text again. So question text is read twice. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

we checked source code, its creating extra Fieldset tag, can anyone pls help.

Using IE 8, Lectora 10.6 and Jaw screen reader 11. Pls help




  • thetruex
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    A few months late, but whatever.

    The question copy is being read twice due to the LEGEND tag. I've reached out to Trivantis and there's as-yet no way to force Lectora to not include this tag. My method for manually removing those tags from the published HTML in one go (on a Windows machine) is as follows:
    1. Download/install Notepad++
    2. Open all of the published HTML quiz questions at once in Notepad++.
    3. Press Ctrl+H to bring up the Replace dialog and configure it as follows:
      • Find What: ^
      • Replace with: Leave this blank
      • Search Mode: Select "Regular Expression"
      • Search Mode: Uncheck ". matches newline".
      • image
    4. Click "Replace All in All Opened Documents". This will delete every line that begins with the LEGEND tag. (Using the same settings with the Find command instead will identify these lines, but not delete them.)
    5. Click "File > Save All"
    The above steps will prevent JAWS from reading the question twice. It's obviously not an elegant solution as it needs to be applied each time the course is published. Thus far nothing seems to be broken by the process; if there are any problems that this causes, I've yet to encounter them.

    As always, be sure to back everything up before following instructions from strangers on the internet.
  • cyberjoep
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    Lectora and I have had discussions about this issue as well. I wouldn't remove the legend because it provides the association in JAWS screen reader in the forms field list from the Question to -- say -- the radio buttons -- of the answer. So, in the forms fields list, it shows the whole question -- that JAWS reads -- followed by the label of the answer on the radio button and whether the radio button is checked or not. If the question is really long, this is quite annoying. So, instead, I go into the HTML code and remove the question between the legend tags and REPLACE it with something like "Question 1". Now, in the JAWS form field list it say "Question 1 Answer 1 radio button unchecked" "Question 1 Answer 2 radio button unchecked".

    You can just do this once in HTML code and save these pages, replace them if necessary after each re-publish of the Lectora code -- for the meantime -- unless you are fixed something on the actual page or something with the test in your re-publish.

    I have proposed to the developers that instead of putting the text of the question in the legend, that they put the name of the question (the name field of the question) instead into the legend (sort of the same way that the name field of a button becomes the ALT text for the button when you publish to HTML). That way, you can customize the legend text and make it as long or as short as you want. But I guess that if you really didn't want the legend at all (not recommending), they could add a checkbox in Lectora for something like "No Legend" on the Question. But to be compliant, there needs to be some association that JAWS can use between the question and the answer...
  • robin-king
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    I am still having this issue (now 2015).  Has there been any change or progress on a solution that does not require editing the sco?  Thanks!
  • beeps
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    We build our questions and avoid using the "quiz maker" tools. For example, you can create multiple choice questions using radio button groups. It doesn't appear to "double read" when we look at the page using WAVE. It's a little more work than using quiz maker but you also get more control over scoring, etc.