eLearning Button Pack

KCWebPlaza has just released their latest product for training authoring tools, the eLearning Button Pack.

These buttons are compatible with Lectora and popular eLearning development tools, including Captivate, Snap!, and Articulate.

Some highlights of Button Pack include:
  • 71 buttons (Back, Next, Save, Menu, Demo, Glossary, Print, Submit, etc)
  • 5 colors (Black, Green, Grey, Purple, Red)
  • Colors scheme identical to KCWebPlaza's Enhancement Pack for Adobe Captivate and eLearning Media Pack products making them 100% compatible across projects
  • 4 states (Up, Over, Down, Disabled)
  • 1136 files!
  • 3 sizes (widths)
  • Each button has both a light and dark border, allowing all buttons to contrast effectively over any background color
  • 32-bit PNG with Alpha Transparency