Browser page error - Trivantis-inline.js file ??

pjgoldstein Community Member Posts: 19
Having an issue with a page in our course.

The course has pages with a number of video scenarios listed. A text box for each scenario uses an action to stop the page narration (flash) file and send the learner to a video page that opens in a new browser window. The video page has a single flash video embedded. When the video completes, the pages closes via another action.

When the course is previewed in Lectora (vX.6), the functionality works as intended. When the course in published to HTML the links to the scenario video pages do not work and we get a page error on the scenario list pages. Please see the attached txt file with the IE page error.

The error refers to a Trivantis-inline.js file.

Previous exports to HTML have not resulted in this error.

Any guidance appreciated!