Formatting Lectora table of contents using HTML for numeric sequence/indent spacing

paul_tarquinio Community Member Posts: 5

This might already have been posted, but thought I would share approach I use to format Lectora table of contents. This only works when you're publishing to HTML. Basically, you can replace chapter/section/page names using a format similar to the following (in this case, Chapter):

Original Chapter name Text:

Conflict of Interest Law Overview

New chapter name:

1. Conflict of Interest
....Law Overview

This will bold the entire chapter title, insert a line break after “Interest”, incorporate spacing for correct indication using periods, where you set the color to the color of the menu background. For longer titles, you could proceed to indent additional lines following the format above.

I would've provided screen captures, but the forum doesn't seem to allow that.

Note that when running in Lectora, you will see “” appear in the menu, so you might think this is not working. However, when you publish to HTML, you will not see any of the HTML tags, just the formatted results as expected.

Hope you find this helpful.