audio/video Player problems with Lectora X.6

paul_tarquinio Community Member Posts: 5
There seems to be a problem with the new player.swf . Within my course, I hide all events using an action group. I'm using the events editor for this. The first event in the actions list is at .5 seconds to run action group to hide all objects. Using this technique, if learner drags the audio controller to the beginning, the page will refresh and display events properly. This worked fine in X.4. However,X.6 has a new controller/player. It seems to have a problem in that when it finishes playing the audio file, it executes some events at the beginning of the audio file. In my case, it's hiding all of the objects on the screen. I want screen to be static until learner decides to move onto the next page. This problem isn't consistent, as it depends on where the event is in the timeline. Trivantis determined that if the event was at 2.5 seconds or more, the program didn't occur.

The fix I decided to use was to replace the player.swf in X.6 with the player from X.5. Seems to be working.

Additional problem I was having with the X.6 player… choosing the default player with Skin = None … in lectora, after video plays, the video area remains black (i.e., black box connected to controller buttons). When I published to my LMS, after the player completed, the video became transparent (not black) and a large arrow appeared in the middle of the video area. Again, this wasn't what I wanted. Moving back to X.5 player.swf fixed this issue as well. This is time-consuming to diagnose, so hopefully this will help others that may encounter this.

May not effect you, but thought I'd post. Trivantis support will be working on update.

Regards, Paul

PS: One additional problem: the X.6 video player displays JWP logo for the first few seconds of the video running. Trivantis has a patch to fix that issue so the logo will no longer display. I did a search on this in the forum, but didn't find anything.