Simplified way to display course progress per page.

jayseventwo Community Member Posts: 48
Hi guys, i was wanting to see if anyone had some different approaches to displaying course progress to the learner per page? I also want it to be quite simplified, as there will be a couple of other developers creating the courses, but their knowledge of variables etc is limited.

Our previous course tool - custom-made for us - automatically displays a small circle next to each page in the TOC. When the page is started the circle is half shaded; when they leave it is completely coloured in. I understand that a variable is updated on page enter and page leave, but what i wanted to know is if there is a way this "circle" can automatically be displayed in the TOC when a new page is created, and function without the developer having to update any variables (such as page name)?

Any other ideas for this type of progress display - i guess it doesn't have to be in the TOC (this is just what we are used to)?

Thanks in advance for your help.