Keep A Running Score from the SWF Annimation from Media Library

acarter Community Member Posts: 3
I would like to use several different games from the .swf files in the Media Library (so much faster and cooler than creating my own). Ideally, the user would be able to keep an overall score tallied from all of the games. I understand the actions and variables that are involved, but cannot figure out how I can pull the final score of the .swf annimation game out so that I can put an action to update my overall score variable.

For example, if I inserted Crazy Cans.swf, I can put an action on the game that says On Done Playing, update the score variable to add or take away 1 point. However, I want to be able to say if you fail the Crazy Cans game then I take away 1 point from the variable and if you pass then I add a point. Any suggestions are appreciated!