cursor disappearing from firefox when I close 'pop-over' group?

katrine-gynzone Community Member Posts: 12
Hi guys

I've created a test in which I need to show some videoclips. The videos are put in a 'pop-over' group that's not initially visible, but shows up after the user clicks the video icon. After having seen the video, the user hides the group again by clicking a button.

A second after the pop-over vanishes, so does my cursor. It's still active and I can see my browser buttons responding to mouseover.

On my mac, when published to HTML, The cursor doesn't come back until I reload the page (in which case the test restarts:s), or untill I click in the menu bar.

In lectora preview, the cursor returns when I click anywhere in the preview window.

In Safari, there is no problem. Both preview and when published to HTML works fine.

On my PC, firefox, the cursor re-appears when I move the mouse so the problem is hardly noticeable

In IE8, the video player doesn't even show. There's only a black box with nothing on it. Ahhh, the joys of browsertesting...

Any help is much appreciated - as I have to have the beta ready by tomorrow night (european time):eek:

Best regards, and thank you for your time.

Katrine, GynZone