Variable to Display a Next Page Button - Variable Value Not Modified

sams Community Member Posts: 1
Hi, I'm working with another Lectora author and we're struggling with getting a Next Page button to display only if a user-defined variable is "greater than or equal to" a certain value.

On the page, the learner has three images to click to display a pop-up window. After each window displays, we setup a checkmark to appear on top of the image and we also setup an Action to modify the contents of our variable by "1". So, there are three actions associated with clicking the image - show the pop up, show the checkmark and Add "1" to the variable.

The variable is set to "0" and we're not retaining the value between sessions.

The Next Page button has an Action with a conditional statement that uses the "greater than or equal to" approach (in this case, there are three images, so we set the condition to "3". The button should "show" if this condition is met. And, the button is not visible, initially.

...but when we run things, we get the pop-up, the checkmark...but the variable doesn't increase in value, nor does the Next Page button display.

...oddly, if we set the initial value of the variable to "3", the buttons appear. So, we think that the variable isn't getting modified.

Do any of you have a "recipe" for a showing a Next Page button after a variable reaches a certain value? Or, do you have any tips for troubleshooting the "non-modified" variable?