Test Doesn't Score Properly in LMS

Hello everyone!

I'm having an issue with one of my tests... in Lectora preview/debug mode, the test will grade properly and pass/fail at the correct threshold. However, when the test is run in my LMS, when the test is graded (using a submit/process test/survey action), the score is always 0%.

Some extra info:

The test is six true/false questions on one page, however it doesn't utilize the built in radio button objects. There are other true/false buttons that when clicked set the respective variable (ex Question_0001) to either "true" or "false".

I've done this several times before in other courses with no issue, and it works perfectly in Lectora, so any ideas on why when the test is graded when run in my LMS, it always gives a score of 0%, would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Does not work in SCORM cloud either.