Media Events and Browser Compatibility

kaydoubleu Community Member Posts: 7
I added media events that trigger actions to a wma file. It works great when I preview the course in IE. It does not work in Firefox or Chrome (latest versions of both). Anyone know if it's supposed to work in those browsers?


  • mchandler7753
    mchandler7753 Community Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with an .mp4.  I am seeing great results in IE and the latest version of Firefox but no love in Chrome.  I have to have this working this week!

    I'm also having the same results in this file where I'm using two action groups to call several actions.  One of these actions is "ongroupplayaudio." This should result in playing an audio file when the user clicks one of two image buttons.  It works great in IE and FF, no love in Chrome.