image locations different viewed in Lectora vs published

cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
A PC with Lectora version 8458:

One image that appears to be at the right location in Lectora would appear at the wrong location when viewing on the files published to AICC. Tweak the location so it does not look right inside Lectora but shown right published on the same PC.

When viewing the tweaked page on all other PCs, the location is wrong.

The IE version 8 and the same page looks OK on other PCs with IE7, 8, and 9. The PC does not have position problem with another Lectora file with the same graphics. It happens only on this file. If you look at the source codes the published files (one looks right in Lectora, the other not right in Lectora), the object locations are different.

Any reason why this happens? Is there a fix to this besides ignore what you see on that problem PC?
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