Keyboard Key Reassignment

nick-leffler Community Member Posts: 4

I was wondering if there was a way to reassign keyboard keys in Lectora so that they can be removed from their default actions temporarily in a tutorial.

The scenario I have a question about is the F1 key, this is the default help key in Internet Explorer and opens Windows help. For one page in a lesson I'd like to remove that assignment and instead have the F1 key progress the slide.

The reason is there will be a walk-through having the user click through it, part of that walk-through involves hitting the F1 key to bring up the help menu (an example of that help menu will open on the next slide).

Thanks for any help and let me know if this requires further explaining.

The only work-around I know of so far is to tell the user to that pushing the F1 key will bring up the help menu and then saying that we will do that for them therefor requiring no interactions but saying that the button was pushed.