Single Executable File Icon

elviszoparo Community Member Posts: 16

I'm trying to publish my presentation do EXE and change file icon. However I'm having this information:


Invalid icon file. The icon file should contain a 16x16x16 image, a 32x32x16 image and a
32x32x256 image. Runner icon may not have been replaced properly.

Despite creating an icon in the appropriate format only in version 16x16x16 Lectora replaces the icon (and the message is also displayed).

Can someone explain it to me?


  • brad-dimick
    brad-dimick Community Member Posts: 1
    I've encountered the same issue. I uploaded a 32x32x32 ico, but the publisher continues to publish with the Lectora icon. Would appreciate some direction of anyone from Trivantis is moderating.

    If anyone can recommend a decent converter, that would be a big help. There is a lot of free 'junk' out there, and I'd rather avoid the pain.

    Thank you