Unable to reset some questions

chris-dunkley Community Member Posts: 2
Apologies if the answer to this question has been given, I did a fairly thorough search and couldn't find anything.

I have around 100 questions spread across 8 quizzes. The questions for each quiz are randomised. I'm trying to reset the quiz whenever the user retries. There are no limits to retrying. To this end I've tried two solutions.

1) A Reset quiz action on any button that would lead the user to the quiz. I've double-checked that I'm resetting the correct quiz.

2) A Reset question action on every question page.

Both solutions work for some questions and not for others. I don't have any complicated functionality. Just basic questions.

I've also tried Reset All Variables and this works, but it also clears the results for quizzes the user has already completed. So that's not a viable solution.

Any help would be appreciated.