Accessing variables across assignable units

foscosands Community Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

I've been searching the forums and web for an answer to this problem I'm having and am at the point where I need to ask the forum... :confused:

At the beginning of a lesson I have a page with a true or false question asking if the user is using Assistive Technology to view the lesson. I have set up a variable in Lectora called usingAT. If the user selects the yes radio button, usingAT is set to true and false if they select the no radio button.

Once selected they are taken to the next page which just has the usual introduction and a Start button. On the start button I have a condition - if usingAT is true, goto chapter of accessible content. If usingAT is false, continue on with the not so accessible content (Flash and other interactions).

OK so the structure of my Lectora (at the moment) has 2 assignable units... Topic 1 and Topic 2. While working through Topic 1, accessing usingAT is not a problem. Once I've finished Topic 1, I click the LMS's 'continue' button to load the next topic in the same window. Again the usual title page shows up and has the Start button with the same condition on it.

No matter what I try, the usingAT variable always seems to reset itself to false. So if the user views Topic 1 with accessible content then once they open Topic 2, they're faced with inaccessible content.

After that long explanation, I'm wondering how I can make the usingAT variable retain it's contents across topics (assignable units).

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm running out of hair!! :eek: