AICC_Lesson_Status Question

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I have created a title (a large test) that in the SumTotal LMS is showing Completed in the topic status and the status once a learner completes the test but doesn't pass it. In addition it shows percentage score in the Total Score box. I would like the Status box to say pass or fail instead of completed or incomplete.

On the last page of the Lectora title, I included the CMI_Completion_Status and AICC_Score. From reading on this forum, it's my understanding that CMI_Completion controls the Topic Status and Percent Complete while the AICC_Lesson_Status controls the status when using SCORM 2004.

If possible I would like the status to list pass/fail instead of complete or incomplete. Would adding the AICC_lesson_status list as pass/fail? If so, what settings do I use? As always, I'm tech dumb so I would appreciate dumbed down and thorough responses. ;)

I've tried to attach a scree grab but there seems to be a problem. I'll happily email it to anyone willing to help.




  • steven-burkey
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    I know this is probably too late for your question, but I decided to post in case anyone searches for this topic...

    You can use an Action to change the status of the AICC_Lesson_Status variable. Just set the value "passed" or "failed" depending on the learner's test results. I've used that successfully with SCORM 1.2 activites.