Bookmarking a Large Randomized Test

usatec3 Community Member Posts: 7
I have a very large test that consists of 180 multiple choice questions. The test has been randomized and asks each learner 120 questions. The learners are to take the certification test in one two hour sitting, but I have set the test to 'retain all answers to questions on the test' in the event the learner mistakenly exits the course.

Unfortunately, when I leave the course and return, I have to go through all 120 questions again. The questions that I have previously answered appear are intermixed with the new questions. Is there anyway to create a randomized test that picks up at the next unanswered question? If so, how? I'm not very variable/tech savvy so I would very much appreciate detailed instructions on how to do this.

Also, for what it's worth we use SCORM 2004 and the test will reside in our SumTotal LMS.

Many thanks for all of your help!