Bb 9.1 SP7 scorm player closes with multiple sco

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Hi everyone,

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a simple lectora title set to AICC/SCORM content with 2 assignable units, 1 exit button and an action that sets the AICC_Lesson_Status of each SCO to completed on showing the page.

a scorm-title with multiple pages and the aicc_lesson_status being set on the last page of each sco.

In our current version of blackboard 9.1 SP7 the scorm-player closes each time I want to go to sco-2, both by using the next button in the top-navigation or by clicking sco-2 in the left-navigation.

Anyone has suggestions on what is going wrong?


Bart D'haenens

Building block Scorm-player documentation on SCORM Engine and Open Standards Content Player