LMS indicating completion after only 1/4 of course viewed

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, and Lectora (kind of learning as I go/self taught). I searched the forum, but was unable to find a thread related to the particular problem I'm having. Most threads seemed to touch on the opposite of what I'm encountering.

I have a 4-module course, with each module containing an exam. Basically you progress through each module after completing an exam (you can't jump around). I've set all of the exams, except the 4th, to NOT include the score in the overall grade. Again, the grade for the first three aren't important in the grand scheme of things - they're simply progressing the student to the next module.

On the fourth exam I've checked the box to include the score in the overall grade, at 70%. I've also set the course in the LMS at 70%. My thinking was - and please forgive me if I'm wrog here - is that since the 4th exam is only recording a score the LMS would pull from this score. However, for some reason the LMS is showing a completion status after the first module is completed.

Any idea why this might be happening?