Maintaining Variable Change through pages?

strangefruit Community Member Posts: 8
I give users at the beginning of the course a choice to have the audio files play by clicking on an audio button. When this button is clicked, it changes an audio variable that all sound files check before they play. The problem is, I have an OFF button that becomes visiable once the user has turned the audio ON...It's is only visable AFTER the ON button is clicked, and then it hides the ON button. Making sense so far? The problem I am having is that once I continue after clicking the sound ON (the buttons are at the top of the hierarchy) the when the user goes to a new page, the OFF button is still not showing because it is set at the top of the course as not initially visiable. If I make it initially visiable, then it will show when the ON button is displayed... What am I missing and how am I confusing myself more? Any suggestions appreciated...Thanks.