How to make a survey form completed in the LMS-Moodle

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How can I make a Survey questions as Completed status in the LMS/Moodle?

I build a survey form consists with two pages of survey questions, they belong to Likert, Liket type:Custom, Likert style:No Connector Bar. User have a choice from Not Met, Partially Met, and Entirely Met.

there is an action in the second page, on:show, action:Modify variable, target:AICC_Lesson_status, Value:completed, Modification Type: Set Variable Contents. This should tell LMS/Moodle the survey is completed.

There are two actions attached to the Submit button in the second page, one is Submit/Process Test/Survey, another is

Javascript: top.window.close(), this will close the survey form window, leading user back to the LMS page.

there is a Exit Tile/Window action attached to the Exit button, otherwize Lectora won't let you published, it's compulsary to use this, leading user back to LMS page. however I inherit it from both pages, as I am allowed to have one submit button only in the page, the closing window fuction is operated by the Javascript: top.window.close() attached to the Submit button.

My issue is it always shows Incomplete in the report in the Moodle even I actually finished the survey and submited.

the user results can be captured in the Moodle any how.


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