Audio events tab behaving erratically

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I have been a lurker here for some time as in most cases I have found that the questions I would like answered have been already been asked and resolved - so thanks to all those people who are contributing their time to help out with their expertise. However I don't think I have seen an answer to a question that is bugging me rather seriously. Put simply, the events tab in the audio properties behaves erractically sometimes displaying the events and sometimes not. Here are more details. I hope that someone will be able to help.

I am running Lectora enterprise

I have created an audio file and added events, saving it as an flv file, using Soundbooth. I have inserted it into a Lectora page and clicked on the events tab so that I can set actions at the events I have created. Note that this did take a little experimentation.

I have now attempted to replicate this with a new audio file in a new Lectora file and I get ... nothing. When I click on the events tab it is all grayed out.

Now the strangest thing is, I attempt to put the first audio file (the ones with the events that Lectora can see) into the new Lectora file and I get ... nothing even though it worked perfectly fine in the original Lectora file. I have also attempted to put the second audio file into the first Lectora file to see if the events tab becomes active. It did not.

As far as I am aware I am doing exactly the same things in both cases and I am certainly perplexed at why the same audio file performs in a totally different way in two different Lectora files.