Published as HTML- Several Issues - Help

kaseyk Community Member Posts: 5
I just finished a project and published it as an HTML file. I am having a couple of issues and don't understand why. I am hoping someone could help me out.

I have a "matching" question in my project. The one where you are supposed to click on one column and match it with another option from the second column. It works in Internet Explorer, but not Chrome. My mouse changes into a pointer when I hover over an option, but will not draw the line to connect the two options. Why is this? How can i fix it?

In chrome, at the end of the quiz, none of my buttons show up - including my done/submit button. Again, it works in IE, but not chrome. How can I fix this?

I have one section that has 4 buttons. When buttons are clicked, an image is supposed to display and audio play. This is not working in Chrome, but is working in IE. How Can I fix this?

I have an activity that I manually built into the training. There is an image and over it I have transparent boxes. The users are supposed to click on a section on the image (ie where I have the transparent box). Upon doing this, text is supposed to display aside the image and a green box with no fill is supposed to show up around the clicked area. This does not work in any browser. The image or transparent boxes wont show up. I believe this is happening because of some layering issue, but am unsure. Suggestions?

Finally, I am having an issue with audio (I do not have any issues in IE, but I do in chrome). Currently I have a sound file as the "controller". Users are supposed to click a button and upon doing so, a text box and the controller is supposed to show up and play. The text box appears, the audio clip as the controller appears (but does not auto play). Then there is a "hide" button that is supposed to hide the text box and "controller". The text box will hide, but the controller will not.

Thanks for all the help!