Publish AICC cross domain course and integrate in Moodle 1.9 LMS?

Dear Lectora Support Team,

How we can publish the AICC cross domain course using Lectora. And also how to integrate it for Moodle 1.9 LMS developed in PHP which is hosted on Linux server?

When we publish using lectora and launch it in Moodle, we are getting some error message like "no HTTP support" as shown in the following screenshot.


Please suggest how we can resolve this issue?

Looking forward for your reply.




  • trey-speyrer
    trey-speyrer Community Member Posts: 2
    The fix for us was verifying that the redirector URL was correct. A coworker who was unfamiliar with the process attempted to update a course and only the ones this person worked on began exhibiting this issue. When trying to remediate this issue we found that there was a space before the beginning of our URL. Once this was removed it worked perfectly again.